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Augusta is at a pivotal point in its modern history, with new market developments being announced daily and new ground being broken at sites each month. Whether in healthcare, banking, manufacturing, retail, or the nonprofit sector, Augusta is undoubtedly on the upswing. It is crucial that as young professionals we band together to support the developments taking place in our city, and more importantly, to effect change in areas where Augusta is lagging behind its neighbors in Georgia and South Carolina. With this backdrop in mind, Young Professionals of Augusta was formed in the fall of 2007 by a group of like-minded peers seeking to bring a unified voice to young working professionals in the CSRA. The efforts of these founders have coalesced into an energetic civic organization that seeks to change the face of Augusta through ideas and action. YPA is dedicated to providing its members with the opportunity to become active in the community through social networking, philanthropic outreach, professional development, and cultural awareness. Through these activities, Young Professionals of Augusta strives to create better leaders to create a better Augusta. YPA creates a solid platform for members to effect change not only in the community but also in their business and personal lives. Through YPA monthly meetings and extracurricular functions, you are given a captive audience: a means to promote yourself to your peers and increase awareness of your professional activities, thereby cultivating your profitability. The social events sponsored by YPA offer an opportunity to kick back after work and enjoy outings in the city with a fresh set of faces you might have otherwise never encountered. All in all, we want to remove our members from their routines and provide a kaleidoscopic view of Augusta. Whether you're new to Augusta or have lived here your entire life, there are always new experiences to be had and new relationships to be forged. YPA is a nonprofit organization that is open to all young professionals ages 21 to 40 who live, work or has an interest in the Augusta Area. HISTORY PAST PRESIDENTS Jonathan English 2007 - 2009 Sean Frantom 2010 - 2011; 2013 - 2014 Brooke Pribble 2012 Jason W. Blanchard 2015 - 2016 Bryn Towner 2017 - AWARDS
Ed Presnell Award
2008 Ed Presnell
2009 Jonathan English
2010 Sean Frantom
2011 Brooke Pribble
2012 Katie Atkinson
2013 Beth Bargeron James
2014 Summer Bell
2015 Jason W. Blanchard
2016 Heather Lowe
2017 Luneta Limbrick
*Ed Presnell was a driving force behind the formation of YPA in 2007 and continues to show generous support to the organization. In honor of Ed, this award is given annually to an individual who has left their legacy on the organization. The Ed Presnell Award is the highest honor that a YPA member or benefactor can receive.
Board Member of the Year Award
2008 Vacant
2009 Rhonda Banks
2010 Brooke Hixon
2011 Sean Frantom
2012 Keith Edmondson
2013 Chad Walters
2014 Jason W. Blanchard
2015 Heather Lowe
2016 Luneta Limbrick
2016 Luneta Limbrick
2017 Summer Bell
YPA Member of the Year Award
2008 None
2009 Perry Burton
2010 Chris Walker
2011 Wes Dollar
2012 Blair Floyd
2013 Phoung Nguyen
2014 Anna Reeves
2015 Josh Reid
2016 2017 Dakota Simms Amanda Fachler
Katie Atkinson
Rhonda Banks
Summer Bell
Jason Blanchard
Rebecca Best
Charles Bottita
Tiffany Brooks
Sammy Crawford
Tom D'Abruzzo
Wes Dollar
Katie Duncan
Keith Edmondson
Jonathan English
Russel Fernandes
Blair Floyd
Alexis Foust
Travis Foust
Sean Frantom
Jessica Haskins
Chad Heard
Keith Hedgspeth
Shannon Henninger
Yahya Henry
Charles Hock
Beth James
Alaya Brittany Johnson Lang
Lunetta Limbrick
Heather Lowe
Allison Mayborg
Adia McDuffey
Shaquanna McPhatter
Audrey Murrel
Matthew Neet
Kayla Ott
Michael Pendergrast
Marissa Ponzi
Brooke Pribble
Mandy Prior
Amanda Prior
Chris Perdue
Ranson Rabun
Anna Reeves
Alex Shi
Elizabeth Smith
Ashley Hock Smith
Liz Smith
Lindsay Thetford
Bryn Towner
Chris Walker
Chad Walters
Grace Waters
Carolann Webster
Jay Weigle
Marc Wilson
Walter Worsham
Wayne Wylie